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Chris Shipley

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Chris Shipley has been in the direct sales industry for over 16 years. Chris has a passion for recruiting, building teams, growing organizations, and has always had a very entrepreneurial mindset.  After 8 successful years in alarms, as part of the 1% in the industry, Chris got an MBA and worked for Verizon out of Manhattan for 2 1/2 years. While at Verizon, Chris had the opportunity to work on Strategic Partnerships that led to acquisitions of two businesses for $9 Billion.

After learning and developing in big business, Chris took his skills to LGCY Power where he has been for almost 6 years. Chris ran the software company that is majority owned by LGCY Power for 3 of the 6 years. For the past 2 years, Chris has grown the partner channel from almost non-existent to nearly 60% of LGCY’s overall volume. Chris brings a different perspective to the industry than most, from having sold and grown organizations, to having an MBA and working in corporate America, to running a major software tech platform in the solar space, to now overseeing a major growth driver within the company.


If you can’t find Chris in the office, he is most likely spending time with his family, coaching sports teams for his kids, or behind the boat wakesurfing to some good music and drinking an ice cold Diet Mountain Dew.

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