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Everett Brewer

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Versatility and peak performance are merely a few ways to summarize the qualities of Everett Brewer, CEO of Storz Power and co-owner of Watthub.

His path of success began with a diverse foundation of resume building experience in industrial construction working on projects like the Wynn Casino and Intel running a crew of 3,300 people including all crafts at age 21. Later, he excelled in door to door alarm sales which gave way to his noteworthy solar journey through successful stents at SunEdison and Evolve Solar before deciding to R&D nano printed Lithium for OEM applications which gave birth to the LFP Storz Power battery we know it today.

Today Storz Power has experienced large multiples of growth year over year and Watthub has developed and supported to deploy over $1.2B in projects. Recently, Energy Tech Review named Storz Power a top energy storage provider in 2021 and featured Everett on the cover of their December issue.

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