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Kevin Silva

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Kevin Silva & the Minski team have made innovation & software their top priority, from co-founding a solar sales company to now licensing their software to multiple solar companies in the southwest region.

In January 2020, 2 months before Covid-19 hit the US, Kevin and his three partners Humberto Lopez, Peter Lopez, and Xochitl Torres led Suntec Solar with rapid growth in 3 of the biggest states in the southwest and employeed over 300 contractors all within their first year of being in business. A major factor contributing to this growth was ease of scale and transparency in operations, due to software

In March of 2021, they decided to start licensing the software they had created for internal purposes, off to other solar companies due to demand from fellow business owners.

Since then Kevin and his team have traveled from the east to west coast to present and connect with solar business owners and understand what the needs of today’s solar companies are.

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