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Tyler McAllister

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In 2017, Tyler founded Fusion Power and quickly attracted top talent in the industry. With Fusion Power’s seasoned leadership, they created a highly successful and tenacious environment. Closers in the Fusion family have won accolades in the solar industry year over year performing in the top one percentile.

In 2019 Tyler was Voted #1 D2D con workshop with “Closing Solar the Right Way”. Tyler is *well known in the industry as a leader in sales phycology and training. He has been in door-to-door business for 17 years and has a passion for helping others master the craft!

Since inception, Tyler has stretched emotionally, mentally & physically to accomplish the enriching task of growing Fusion Power- which now has taken on over 200 people. This year their revenue will surpass a quarter billion or 1/4,000 of a trillion dollars

As Visionary of the Company, and supported by Trey Skousen as CEO, Tyler is focused on leading the company to new heights! He sees Fusion providing NEW unique solutions to the industry.

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