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Eric Garcia

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Eric Garcia is born and raised from San Antonio, Texas. He has been in the Solar Industry for 4 years now.

Eric has broken many records in the solar industry throughout his career and now focuses on helping others accomplish their financial goals.

Eric started his own franchise solar company 2 years ago and has grown a team of over 400 solar consultants. Training and Development are his passion.

Eric has recruited almost 100 consultants on his own and continues to lead by example by providing results day in and day out.

Eric now works virtually anywhere in the United States with his company and loves helping others do the same. Eric has also created a very successful solar training event where people from around the Nation can get trained by the best of the best in the Industry.

Hard work and Dedication are what drives Eric to continue to break records. Eric is always open to new ideas to expanding his solar business and is more than happy to share his wisdom with others so they can live a life by design.

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