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Luke Ward

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From drug addiction, prisons, jails and homelessness to 7 figures. After getting clean and working construction jobs Luke Ward found his way into direct-sales selling alarms.
His first year he sold 327 and for 5 years was number one sales rep in his organization. He funded over 1500 accounts during his 5 years working for someone else. Striving for more, he opened a dealership with Brinks and was among the top 25 dealers for 5 consecutive years.
In 2020, Luke found Fusion Power and in his first 6 months sold 117 installed solar accounts. In 2021, his first full year, he had 221 accounts installed from in-home selling. He’s going to hit 300 2022! Luke knows how to get a team to be accountable to their goals and leads from the front. No one will work harder to hit their goals.
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