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Jake Wilson

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Jake Wilson is the President of Conscious Energy Collective, an education based collective for solar as well as other energy products and services bringing these resources together to be the place to go for all energy education related topics.

With a degree in architecture from the University of Colorado – Boulder’s world-renowned architecture program, Jake has been studying solar for 20 years watching the industry grow and evolve.  He also led programs and trained leaders for one of the leading international training and development companies. He took that experience and applied it to business and team building.

After having gotten solar in 2016 and seeing the industry and experience from a homeowner’s perspective, he decided to create Conscious Energy Collective to transform the way solar is solar and to create a solar process that is centered on finding the best option for homeowners.

This led Jake to get licensed as a Mortgage Officer in 2020 specifically to create the nation’s first Solar Refi Program. Now considered the expert in the industry for Solar Refis, he provides all his education and offerings for free to anyone to learn and have access to.

Jake also created and leads Solar and Property, the only accredited continuing education course for realtors in the state of Colorado. Becoming the go to expert for realtors and even some appraisers on all solar related issues including value and transfers.

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