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Rick Martinez

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Been in the door to door industry since 2014. Selling solar, pest, alarms, and even a quick stint doing kirby vacuums.

Started the nosolicitingbruh meme page in 2018 and since then has grown a meme page into a staple within the industry. To the point where following Rick is part of sales team’s onboarding process. If you’re in d2d sales you know Rick or his page.

Is the host of the no soliciting experience where he interviews top producing reps from the entire door to door industry.

Rick understands what it takes to build teams,companies and culture within any sales organization.

Recently he’s taken the Director of Talent Acquisitions role at Pure Energy. Acquiring talent and training to take any solar rep and build them into a solar expert.

Social media has allowed him to amplify his skillset and share his expertise. From being a rep, managing teams, operations and high company leadership.

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