This highly decorated, detailed, and exclusive room at SolarCon will put your company right in the spotlight at SolarCon. Make an unforgettable impression on the most engaged audience at the conference and truly stand out.

Use Coupon Code: EARLY10

Use Coupon Code: EARLY10



Here's Everything You Get

  • Silver Package included (10x20 booth space)

  • The entire VIP Room will be branded with your company name during conference hours April 20th-22nd.

  • Walls will be lined with your choice of ceiling to wall white or black curtains (we recommend white to make your colors pop).

  • Lunches for VIP and Platinum ticket holders will be in this room.

  • Your team can hold meetings and/or presentations in this room any time before the conference starts each day.

  • Company branded banners at the entrance of the VIP Room.

  • Find company branded extras throughout the room. You will collaborate with the SolarCon team on the branding extras.

  • Choice of two (2) panel speakers OR one (1) stage speaker on a breakout stage. (No-pitch Event, SolarCon must approve speakers)

  • Four (4) VIP tickets OR three (3) Platinum Tickets

  • Ten (10) general admission tickets

  • Logo displayed on SolarCon Website

  • Personalized coupon code for an additional ticket discount, perfect for sharing with your marketing channels.

*Any signage, furniture, TV's, etc are for illustrative purposes only.

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A glimpse from past years


Where is the event located?

Salt Palace Convention Center

100 S. West Temple St, Salt Lake City, UT 84101

What are the dates of the event?

April 16-17 are sponsor setup days

April 18, 19 and 20 are the live event dates

*Dates are for 2024

What does our booth include?

Here’s what’s included in your booth sponsorship:

  • Black cloth Backdrop (about 8 feet high)

  • Black cloth side walls (about 30 inches high)

  • Electrical setup for plugs

Does the booth include furniture or TV's?

Please note that our booth spaces do not include any additional amenities such as TV's, furniture (chairs, tables, couches), banners, rugs, or flooring overlays. You are welcome to bring and decorate your booth with these items according to your preferences. Once payment is complete, your dedicated account representative will assist you in ensuring you have everything necessary to create a stunning booth display!

How do I choose my booth location?

Upon purchasing your booth, you will collaborate with your designated account manager to select the optimal booth location. Previous year sponsors have priority in choosing their preferred location, followed by a first-come, first-served basis for selecting locations.

Where do we reserve accommodations for our team?

We will offer hotel blocks conveniently located within walking distance of the conference center.

What's the event agenda look like?

  • Tuesday - Sponsor move-in day

  • Wednesday - Sponsor move-in day

  • Thursday - Day 1 

  • Friday - Day 2

  • Saturday - Day 3

  • Sunday - Sponsor Move-Out Day

How big is the event space?

200,000 sq. ft.

What demographic will be attending Solarcon?

Approximate numbers:

  • 40% business owners

  • 40% sales reps

  • 20% are sales managers

Why is there an increase in sponsorship cost?

  • We're anticipating 5,000 attendees this year vs. 3,500 attendees last year

  • 200+ sponsors vs. last year's 70 sponsors

  • Additional keynote speakers to attract a larger target audience

  • Adding more sections of Solar training (production, supply, equipment, etc.)

How much time will we have to set up?

Two days before the event. We've added an additional day, wahoo!

What day do we need to arrive for setup?

Consider arriving and setting up as early as Tuesday morning to ensure a smooth preparation process. While a Wednesday morning setup could be feasible for quicker arrangements, please anticipate a potential rush of vendors during that time. The event officially commences on Thursday morning.

Can we arrange to speak?

Kindly note that speaking on stages is not automatically included in your sponsorship unless otherwise specified. If you wish to arrange for a speaking opportunity in addition to your sponsorship, please discuss this with your assigned account representative after completing your sponsorship purchase.

When will I get to choose my booth location?

Booth space assignments will commence on November 15, 2024. The selection order for sponsors is based on a first-come, first-served basis. We encourage you to secure your spot swiftly to maximize your options for choosing a preferred location.

How do I get coupon codes to send out to our channels and employees?

our package includes a fixed number of tickets. You will receive an email with a form to submit the names of employees who will be working at the booth.

Moreover, you will receive coupon codes to distribute through your channels. We will guide you through this process and provide email templates and social media graphics for your use.

How will you help us get ROI from this event?

While we are unable to provide income claims (as per regulations), we assure you of our commitment to attract as many of your target audience as possible to the event.Here's how we're striving to achieve this:

  • More than doubling the event size from Solarcon 1

  • Securing more keynote speakers to enhance attendee interest

  • Tripling our marketing budget with the aim to double the number of attendees

Your role will be to actively engage with attendees and offer them value when they visit your booth.


Set exclusively in the solar industry, SolarCon is the ultimate platform to reach your ideal target audience craving more of what you have to offer as a sponsor. Expect a diverse gathering of installation owners, sales dealership owners, sales managers, and representatives, all eager to enhance their solar sales, installations, and maintenance. If your product, service, or software can assist them in achieving these goals, you've found the perfect spot!

Speaking from the stage was more than I imagined. The room was full, people were engaged and excited to be there, and the exposure and leads we received were much more than I had anticipated! I highly recommend you sponsor as much as you can at Solarcon, the event is second to none!

Brent Attaway, CRMX

Solarcon is the best and greatest event for solar professionals, grab your ticket and we'll see you there!

Taylor Armstrong, Solarpreneur Podcast